Duluth Seventh-day Adventist Church

3210 Decker Rd
Duluth, MN, 55811-2960

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Calendar of events
Today: pastor dan is preaching in moose lake
9:03 pm, sabbath rest ends
Sunday: 9:00 pm, deadline for church board
agenda items
Monday: wow will be taking a summer break
and pick back up again in the fall
Tuesday: 6:30 pm, church board meeting
Wednesday: 6:30 pm, prayer meeting
we’ll be reading chapter 30 of
“the great controversy,”entitled
“enmity between man and satan,”
join us as we read together.
deadline for bulletin and
power point announcements.
please call lisa beatrez
at 724.6601 or email her
at a-lbeatrez@hotmail.com
Friday: 9:00 pm, Sabbath rest begins
Next sabbath: stew hunter sr.
will be our speaker.
Union Gospel Mission
wednesday, July 31
thursday, Aug 22
thursday, Sept. 12
wednesday, Oct. 30
thursday, Nov. 14
monday, Dec. 30
Pastor Bates contact information:
phone: 724.8561 or 260.4569
email: danbates3@gmail.com
Stone ridge Christian school:
115 east orange street, duluth
phone: 722.7535
Church web address:
Welcome to the
duluth Seventh-day
Adventist church
july 6, 2013
Songs of Gathering
Congregation & Worship Team
Welcome &
Church Budget
Children’s Story
Songs of Praise & Worship
Congregation & Worship Team
Praise & Prayer Time
Heart Preparation
Congregation & Worship Team
Worship in the Word
George McLain
Closing song
Stewardship Report:
Tithe (10%)
Received this year: $87,741
Received last year: (end of june) $96,419
Combined Church Budget (5%)
Needed to date: $51,300
Received to date: $ 45,017
Monthly Combined Budget:
Needed this month: $8,235
Received this month: $ 6,239
Strive 4 Five (1%)
Needed this month: $1,246
Received this month: $600
Next Week’s Offering: HAD-Women’s Ministries
The North American Division Music Committee is now
accepting applications from musicians/groups desiring
to perform at the 2015 General Conference Session.
It will be held on July 2–11, in San Antonio, Texas.
Applications can be downloaded from the General
Conference website; gcsession.org, then Click on
the “Music Application Packet” tab and follow the
directions. Applications will be processed through
December 31, 2013.
Prayer Encourager:
We are to come to God in faith, and pour out our
supplications before Him, believing that He will work in
our behalf, and in the behalf of those we are seeking
to save. We are to devote more time to earnest prayer.
(III Bible Commentary, pp. 1146-1147).
A special welcome to all our guests. We are happy
that you’re able to worship with us today.
Camp Shirley:
Please join us for potluck on Saturday, July 13 at Camp
Shirley! Directions will be available in the lobby for
any newcomers. The camp’s address is 4606 Boulder
Dam Road. Some chairs will be available but you might
want to bringing your own.
Memorial Service:
There will be a memorial service and luncheon for
Pastor Clair Tillman at the Blackberry SDA Church on
Sunday, July 14 at 3 pm. So many of you called, and
sent cards and letters last summer. At this memorial
I’d just appreciate it if I could see you and visit. The
Blackberry ladies will provide the food. Thank you,
Bonnie Tillman.
Save the Date:
There will be a going away party/shower for Emily Klick
on August 11, as she is headed off to Maplewood.
Details are in the works and will be announced shortly.
North Star Camp:
Phase II of the North Star Camp Renovation project
has begun with the construction of the first two staff
cabins! Completion of these cabins is dependent upon
contributions from you. We are looking for the 500
families to donate just $50 a month for the next 24
months. Please send your pledge or donation to the MN
Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, 7384 Kirkwood
Ct. Maple Grove, MN 55369.
If you are interested in decorating, teaching or just
plain helping with VBS please contact Stew Hunter,
Jr. either by phone: 218.722.5998 or email: stew@

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